Touring Cities – Dates – Switzerland

Below you will find the general touring cities – Dates when  I visit in Switzerland.  However, I am open to tour other cities by invitation. It is pointless for me to tour cities where I don’t have  demand. Because I require pre arrangement to meet in advance, I am happy to add a city to my schedule if I have a request to meet in a city not listed here. Feel free to contact me and request to meet in anothr city if you cannot see your location below.Switzerland is very easy to travel by rail, and I am more then happy to explore another city I havent been to for day or two.

In general, I tour Switzerland 3 times a year.

April, July November.

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April 2024 Tour

Zurich –  22nd – 25 th April

Geneva – 26th April – 30th

Lausanne – 1st – 3rd May 

July 2024 Tour 

Basel –  8th – 11th July

Bern – 12th – 16th July

Lucerne – 17th – 19th July 

Zurich 20th – 23rd July 

November 2024 Tour 

Lausanne- 6th – 8th November

Gstaad – 9th – 13th November

St Moritz – 17th – 20th November

Zurich – 21st – 23rd November

Touring Switzerland 2024

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