Fees – Meet me in Switzerland

Below, you will find the fees structure to meet in Switzerland and worldwide. The same charges apply to meet me anywhere worldwide.  FMTY ( fly me to you) charges and when on tour worldwide including Switzerland.

Charges are applied in USD for ease. You can certainly pay in any currency, including Swiss Francs, but deposit of 30% is payable in USD as my bank account is in USD currency. Balance when we meet can be paid in any currency to the equivalent of the fees listed below.

Fees when on tour

2 hours – $2000 USD

Lunch or Dinner Date – $3000 USD

Overnight – $ 5000 USD

24 hours – $7,000 USD


Overnight – $7000 USD

24 Hours – $9,000 USD

48 Hours – $15,000 USD

1 week – $40,000 USD

2 weeks – $50,000 USD

email – steph@internationalescort.com

Fees - Zurich International escort Miss Hunter

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