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Are you looking to meet Escorts in New York? Hello gentlemen, my name is Adela Blackwood. I am an Australian International High End Companion, frequently travelling to Europe, New Zealand and Australia.

Although those are my most frequent destinations, it doesn’t mean my availability to meet is only in these locations.

New York is one of my favourite places in the world, having spent a lot of time here a few years ago. And, I am still keep to visit NYC and the State of New York by invitation.

For many reasons, this is not a part of the world I would tour, however, If invited, I would happily travel to NY or another part of the US to meet discreetly and exclusively.

Perhaps you would like to spend a few days away together someone warm? Or , maybe prefer to spend a few days in a luxury hotel with me somewhere more local to you, and have a few dinners out together, perhaps go to the ballet? Anyway, there is countless things we can do, you just need to have the need and means to fly me over!

Manhattan Escorts

To meet in the US, i would consider at the very least a weekend together. Clearly longer would be better, but a weekend id certainly possible and doable on my end.

We don’t have to spend out time in Manhattan. There are so many places in New York State and other Staes like Massachusetts which  I haven’t been do, and yet I would love to explore.

I am happy to meet you in most locations in the US, provided we have a pre arranged date to meet. Happy to travel to meet exclusively, and then return home. This is the only way I am prepared to travel to the US in future.

If you would like to request my time in the US, please feel free to contact me via email or by phone.

A weekend together in the US  begins at 10,000 USD inclusive of my return airfare.

Same fees apply to meet in any city throughout the US

+61 484 372 505



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