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That’s great! Just be mindful though that you are contacting me with the view to make arrangements to meet in future. There is a few of you out there,  that think I am sitting at the other end of the computer keyboard, decked out in lingerie and that I will ” chat” mindlessly for hours electronically.  My email account is not a chat line. Sorry, most of you would know this already, and are respectful, but some of you didn’t  quite get that memo.

I have my number listed here, but sometimes, you won’t be able to get through. Time difference in different time zones can be tricky. You can try calling me, and I will get back to you if I miss your call, but for practical reasons, I prefer contact via email

I answer all my emails, so rest assure of complete discretion at all times. I don’t engage personal assistants. 

Tel: +61 400 992 626

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