Benefits of Sponsorship

What are benefits of sponsorship you may ask?  What is a sponsorship exactly? Let’s firstly address the Image I have chosen to use for this post. It really was tongue and cheek, and I actually hate this image! Why? Well, to me,  It Is very stereo typical, and inaccurate In many ways. An older wealthy man with a young sexy woman. He is looking bored and nonchalant, and she is looking overly excited, and fake. That is not to say this type of relationship does not exist, It does, but not predominantly any more.

The  promo Image was from a site promoting sugar babies and sugar daddies. I dislike those terms too. It implies a lot more then you think. It says ” he is wealthy and older, she is young silly and happy with a grain of sugar thrown her way for his entertainment.” However, I have a different take on the whole concept today.

What is a sponsorship exactly?

In my lifetime, I have had a couple of really successful sponsorship. No, he was not a sugar daddy, and I wasn’t a “sugar baby” and because in both arrangements I was a mature lady in my 30s.  They were sponsors. They sponsored my lifestyle ( extremely well I might add) and I spent time with them exclusively, usually travelling frequently.. It was a long term arrangement with both sponsors, but not at the same time. First arrangement lasted 5 years, and we are still friends today, and second arrangement lasted 7 years, and again we are on good terms. But If you believed  the bullshit written on sugar daddy websites, It only happens with college students and wealthy men. That is the biggest rubbish I have ever read. And inaccurate.

A successful wealthy man that will consider sponsoring you long term is not motivated purely by sex. That would be insane, and wouldn’t last anyway. In todays age of ” a swipe on tinder, log into instagram with tons of high end escorts showcasing their lifestyles, and endless escorts online” It is hardly the most important drawcard for a sponsor.

True definition to me of a sponsorship

A sponsor is a wealthy gentleman ( let’s not beat around the bush, YES, he needs to be wealthy) of any age who seeks an exclusive arrangement with someone he not only finds attractive, but mentally stimulating. She fits the exact profile of a girlfriend to him, and she genuinely enjoys his company. It’s a great friendship, with benefits for both parties, and with an expiration date. There is  always  an expiration date. Such an arrangement can last as long as both parties are honest in the beginning of true expectations. But usually, one decides they want to change the terms at some point, and that is when problems occur. Usually it breaks down at this point.

Benefits of a sponsorship for the Sponsor

These types of arrangements rarely happen on those sugar daddy sites. The truth is, majority of men on those sites are predators. They are looking to take advantage of the women there. A large number are actually dubious escort clients, and think they will get a “cheap” experience under the guise of an “arrangement”

True arrangements ( sponsorships)  usually occur spontaneously, unplanned. The gentleman might have thought to himself in the past ” I would love an arrangement where we have a mutual understanding. As long as It’s fun, but there is no pressure on my time when I don’t have time”. And usually, these types of arrangements evolve over time. Often, It will happen through the escort industry. A typical scenario is a wealthy man searching for the right type of a lady who would be open to an arrangement, a sponsorship. Often, a ” client” will meet the perfect lady through an escort service, and after spending considerable time together, will open the subject of an arrangement.

In a nutshell..

A major benefit is the genuine organic true warmth and friendship. The security of knowing the lady long term and not a case of ” payment by the hour”. It feels more intimate than that to both parties.There is mutual respect there, and a true friendship as well as the intimate part of the equation. However,  without the pressure of a conventional relationship. That is not to say you can’t find that in an escort /client arrangement, but  many of those types of arrangement don’t evolve to sponsorship because, the man either cannot afford that, or wants variety and is not seeking that type of intimacy and regularity.


A sponsor is looking for exclusivity, and the financial obligation is a by product to him.

Benefits for a lady being Sponsored

If you met in the escort industry, then accept an offer of sponsorship carefully. My advice would be make sure it is someone you really like and enjoy their company. If it isn’t, the arrangement won’t last and it will come with emotional difficulty. You will spend a lot of time with your sponsor. If you don’t enjoy his company genuinely, every second will feel like 12 hours. No one can bear that long term. But, if you and your sponsor genuinely like each other, it will be one big adventure. Be true to yourself, and ask for what you need. If he is genuine, he will want you taken care of, so that you are relaxed and happy. That will ensure he is in a good place with you.

Sponsorship can be a wonderful arrangements when its between two parties that genuine like each other’s company, and respect each other’s privacy and boundaries. Respect the rules made in the beginning, and it can be a mutually beneficial arrangement for a long time.

Always end it on a good note..

The greatest compliment given to me was by my previous sponsor, who I touched base with several years after it ended and he said to me

” Thank you for turning a country boy into a fine gentleman”…

It made me feel so appreciated.. and it was lovely.

Adela Blackwood