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Welcome to my Swiss website and availability to meet in Switzerland. My  name is Stephanie Hunter. 

If you have been searching to meet a chic, elegant, educated and interesting International Escort in Switzerland, you have certainly stumbled upon the right website. Please scroll further down the page, and let your journey begin. I am excited to see where this leads, and if we have an opportunity to meet!

Two primarly availability options.

When I am on tour in Switzerland and via Fly me to you requests. I am not permamently based in Switzerland, however I am frequently in the country. You could say it is my second home.

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Luxury Travel International Escort  

The difficulty of having an online profile is that you have zero clue about who is looking at your profile. You have the luxury of reading about me, seeing my images and forming an idea of who I am. But I have zero clue about you.  And so, I can only put my best foot forward, and trust the universe that what I put out will attract what I should attract.

Let me begin by telling you a little about who I am.

Firstly, I am a mature lady .  Of Australian / Italian heritage, I would like to consider myself a classy lady. Not just in appearance, but in how I treat people. I do believe being ” classy” is a way of life, not what you wear. So, I like to treat people with kindness and respect. I fond that always come back to you anyway when you put that out into the universe.

Based from Australia, I am an International escort. I have been a high end International escort for a number of years, and I have loved every minute of it. My travels have taken me from NYC, to London, Paris, Monaco, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Rome, Milan, Tahiti, Maldives , Miami, Las Vegas and many many other destinations. It is trully an amazing lifestyle, and I cant see myself slowing down anytime soon.

Covid of course forced us all to slow down ( I painted my house during lockdowns. Australia had some of the toughest lockdowns in the world. I didnt mind too much. I kept busy and had a rest from travel).

During Covid, I had a lot of time to think and made the rash decision to stop travelling. I dont know, I felt cozy at home, and though maybe that’s enough travelling the world.

But no, now that I am re-energized, I am ready to sip more champagne at the pointy end of a plane.

So, why Switzerland you may ask? It is far away from Australia.

A decade ago, I sent my daughter to summer school in Rolle, Switzerland, and I decided to join her so that I am close in the event she needed me. I decided while she was in summer school, I would explore Switzerland and have a holiday. And I fell in love!.. With the country! 

Summer school ended long ago, but I have been travelling to Switzerland for more then a decade. I just love the people, the organization, the elegance and the beauty of this amazing country. And, I have met amazing gentlemen here, so what is there not to love.

I am ready to renew my love affair with Switzerland, and the amazing gentlemen that are yet to meet me ( ok I meant to say I am yet to meet :)!

But just be warned if so far your interest is peaked and you may wish to meet.

I am addictive. 

Why make arrangements to meet  International Escorts Zurich ?

Well, that’s not just any International escort, but specifically me.  And the answer is simply: Because you can.

This is a question often I have asked my gentlemen friends that have flown me half way around the world. I always make a point of asking why me. Isn’t there many local or closer to home companions to book. Why did you choose me? And the most frequent reply has been ” Becouse I can and you look like fun, and I was right”.

Look clearly making arrangement to meet me isn’t going to be on the ” affordable”” side.  I travel well, and live well. The gentlemen that I seek to spend time with also share the same principles.  And are generous. I cant remember the last time I was flown out to Switzerland in economy. It has always been first or business class. 

 There are many International escorts available to meet you in Switzerland from all four corners of the globe. Your choices are endless I am well aware.

I guess I can just put my hand up and say ” one more to choose from!”

If you have been searching for that elegant, upscale , fun, down to earth, funny lady to spend time with , I should be your first and foremost choice.

My time in Switzerland or worldwide is available via private invitation ( FMTY) and when on tour in Switzerland.  

. Where are we going to meet? St Moritz, Gstaad? Or London, Monaco or Milan. I have the wardrobe and the confidence to meet you anywhere and be the perfect arm candy to turn heads for all the right reasons.

I hope you like to eat well, as culinary delights are my weaknesses, along with good champagne.

I have tried to write my text as if we are speaking in person, just you and me, so that you can get to know a little about me from a more personal perspective.

So, I  hope that I am someone you would like to spend time with in Switzerland, or abroad. If so, get in touch with me, and we can plan our meeting!

My tour dates will be added to the website shortly. I am just updating some of the sections as we speak.

My tour in 2024 will be extensive throughout Switzerland. Of course, if you prefer to meet sooner rather then later, FMTY is always an option available.

I look forward in hearing from you soon!

Stephanie Hunter

Luxury High Class Escort Switzerland

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