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Olivia and I have been firm friends for a number of years now. We have also been fortunate enough to have been flown out together for very naughty weekends, and one one occasion a whole week in Aspen.

The truth is being wonderful friends and having a wonderful rapport makes all the difference when spending time with you. The experience is organic and fun for all three parties involved. ( and did i mention very naughty. Lets just say Olivia and I have different strenght of appeal)

I dont feel comfortable in a 3 some arrangement with any other lady other then Olivia, and she has indicated the same sentiment. The several dates we have had together have been so much fun we haven’t wanted them to end. Up until now, we have only offered this ” arrangement” with our own special individual clients. She has recommended the  possibility to her clients, and in turn I have done the same. And it has worked out extremely well.

The fact that we trust and respect one another makes a huge difference to the overall  experience. We are both mature, worldly and on the same wavelength both in and out of the bedroom.

So gentlemen, we have decided to make it official.  For a select number of you who may wish to experience ” double trouble” with Olivia and I, we have created 3 packages to begin with. If you would like to meet us together outside of the locations  on offer, please get in touch.

We would certainly consider the option.

To request a date with both Olivia and I, please contact one of us, or both of us. We are very excited at the possibilities at hand.

Its up to you to make it happen.

The world is truly our oyster.

Adela: adelablackwood@gmail.com

Olivia Olivia.leon3@gmail.com


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