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I know. This is the part that can be uncomfortable for both of us, and for others it’s not an issue.

However, it is what it is and here we go.

Internationally, I wouldn’t entertain the notion of travelling for a few hours to meet. It just isn’t a viable option for me.  In Australia, as there is no travel involved on the International scale, I am more then happy to meet for a shorter date. But if you would like to meet me anywhere in Europe or the US, then 48 hours is a bare minimum I would consider in undertaking the travel commitment.

I require full payment to be made in advance. I have a very discreet Australian company account that accepts International payments in US dollars or Australia dollars. Please let me know which is your preference and I can forward the appropriate details when making payment.

Some of you have asked if I will accept deposit and the balance in cash upon arrival.

The simple answer is no I will not. If you feel uncomfortable with my terms, It’s best we don’t go any further.

Honestly, these days it is extremely hard to travel through customs and airports with large sums of cash, and as a result I dont. Besides, I would end up spending it Duty Free in Hermes or Cartier, so no thank you. I should only be entering the sanctum of Cartier and Hermes with you!

Additionally, I find it in bad taste to exchange cash when we meet. Get that part out of the way and lets relax and enjoy each others company.

The charges listed below are for my time only. They do not include airfare return and incidentals. This is an additional cost and calculated at the time of request to see me is made.

48 hours: $9,000 USD

3 days /nights : $12,000 USD

5 days / nights: $ 15,000 USD

To request a date together please email me here

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Always enjoy responsibily.