Adela Blackwood

High Class Mature Zurich Escort

As I explained on the home page that I do not permanently reside in Switzerland or Europe for that matter. Having said that, I have regular availability in Switzerland and throughout Europe, usually on a monthly basis. What that means is that I cannot accomodate last minute requests.

Being a very organised person, my time when in Europe is planned ahead. I do acknowledge that some of you may have come across my website last minute, as a result unable to provide notice. I am sorry, I cannot accomodate a request without notice in advance.

Deposit required to confirm plans

Another reason why that would not be possible even If I happen to be in Switzerland or another city in Europe  at the time of your request is that I require a deposit paid in advance to confirm our time together. This stipulation is not negotiable due to the high number of  time wasting requests that regularly come through my email account. Unless a deposit has hit my business account, my interaction tends to be guarded and businesslike. Once I have confirmed your legitimacy, then of course the dynamic changes. It is unfortunate that this occurs however, it cannot be helped.

As arrangements are made in advance to meet, with a some pre planning involved, I have great flexibility in location to meet. Although my primary availability is throughout Switzerland, there is no issue meeting you in other parts of Europe and throughout the world. Please visit my ” financials” page for further details.

It is vital for me to stipulate the need for discretion and how important It Is for me that discretion is mutually respected. I don’t seek unnecessary complications, or to cause unnecessary problems to you or me for that matter, so If we both respect each others need for privacy, then our arrangement will be mutually beneficial and discreet.

I adhere to the ” no review policy” . If you were to write a review of our time together ( positive or negative, it is irrelevant) you would be breaking the privacy agreement between us.

Additionally to travelling to Europe monthly, I am also available to meet on a ” Fly Me To You” arrangement to suit your schedule and destination. Naturally, this type of arrangement is more expensive, as the cost of travel and incidentals is an added expense.

Independent Escort in Switzerland

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Always enjoy responsibily.